MI-RPD took the decision to expand the area of intervention in order to operate in the 15 countries of the Great Lakes region, the Horn of Africa and the neighboring countries namely Burundi, Rwanda, Uganda, kenya, Tanzania, DRC, S-Soudan, Soudan Ethiopia, Eritrea, Somalia, Somalirand Seychelles, CENTRAL AFRICA.This was after noting that the efforts of organizations […]


Our Target group Grass root Communities Executives of the defense and security corps Women The Youth Disabled Prisoners Refugees, Repatriated and Displaced Locally elected Community leaders Civil society organizations Professionals Students SALW victims and survivors Demobilized and ex-combatants Policy makers


After four years of suspension due to insecurity in the country where its headquarters were located, MI-RPD will renew its relationships with its former partners. He will also build relationships with new partners that will add to those we had before. This will allow actors working in the field of peace building and security to […]