After four years of suspension due to insecurity in the country where its headquarters were located, MI-RPD is renewing its relationships with its former partners. He will also build relationships with new partners that will add to those we had before. This will allow actors working in the field of peace building and security to know the new programs and projects of MI-RPD.

Partnership with:

International Action Network On Small Arms (IANSA)


Human resources
The organization’s human resources consists of its active members as well as the volunteer and salaried staff, whether they are members or engaged for specific tasks.
Financial resources
The financial resources of MI-RPD come from:

Foundation capital;

Membership fees

Annual contribution fees of members;

Grants or support from national, regional and international institutions that support MI-RPD programs;

Administration fees from projects initiated by MI-RPD and funded;

MI-RPD initiatives

Donations and legacies,



Affiliations: The MI-RPD is a full  member of the International Action Network on Small Arms (IANSA)

The International Peace Bureau (IPB)

The Regional Network on Peace and Security (RENOPS)

Controlarms, (CA)


Relations with NGOs:

Regional Center on Small Arms (RECSA), International Conference on the Great Lakes Region (ICGLR).


Types Of Members

Full Members

Honor Members

Adherent Members


For full members you can request for an application form for membership through MIRPD Email Address

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